Frequently Asked Questions

Wapal is a No Code Creator Studio and Launchpad on Aptos. Wapal is developed by Mokshya, Mokshya is an open-source protocol that builds customizable smart contract libraries, SDKs, and developer tools on Aptos Blockchain..

We decided to build a creator studio to help creators build NFT projects without any coding knowledge. We know how difficult and costly it is to launch NFT projects on your own.

We decided to build a launchpad to disrupt the monopoly of marketplaces. Marketplaces only allow a few selected NFT projects to launch. We'll allow everyone to launch NFT projects.

Anyone can launch NFT projects from our launchpad. There is no restriction of any kind to launch on Wapal.
We won't determine if a project is good or bad, we let the users determine it. Eventually, it's the users who have to make a decision because even the influencers or anyone who endorse NFT projects suggest to do your own research (DYOR).
There'll only be 3% fee on every NFT minted through Wapal.
The source code of Smart Contract for Aptos NFT Random Mint is open-source and has been audited by MoveBit. You can find the security audit report here -
Our vision is to build a trustless NFT launchpad and creator studio